Sunday, December 30, 2007

Criminals Win in Dubai!

After a very long and drawn out battle at the courts the criminals won! That's the outcome of a two and a half year battle which one of the car fraud victims, described earlier, fought and lost. She lost to the infamous 4X4 Motors Showroom in Dubai which is known to purchase stolen cars from criminals. And not only did the victim lose her car and spent over 20,000 Dirhams in court fees but apparently the company 4x4 Motors now is claiming losses from the victim. The loss of what you may ask? The loss of the value of the stolen car which had been sitting at the 4x4 Motors for the past two and a half years. That's right. The criminals are unhappy because the stolen car which they purchased under the market value has depreciated over the course of the court battle so therefore they are not profiting as much as they would under normal conditions where the victim does not bother taking them to court.

This was the fate of one of the cases described below and it is also the result of pursuing such cases through the normal legal channels.

This is a prime example of the deficiency in the U.A.E. legal system. This system is incapable of protecting its residents from professional criminals who are continuing to rob the local residents in an organized manner.

The lesson that can be learned from this is to not bother with the courts nor the public prosecution department. The reason is because they are not competent enough nor have the correct laws to deal with professionally organized criminals. The victim will lose even more by taking this route.

One of the victims detected this problem early on and decided to pursue her case using a different route. That route, to appeal to Sheikh Mohammed himself.

Referring to the blog entries earlier, she had been called in by the advisor to the Attorney General in March 2007 and was told that Sheikh Mohammed's office had ordered them to look into this case. After passing her file around the public prosecution and essentially playing ping pong with it for about nine months that department has finally decided that they would grant her a meeting with the Attorney General himself.

However, she has also been granted a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Security Department of Sheikh Mohammed's office, to whom she intends to describe the role of the police department in all of this.

Let's see what happens...