Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Nightmare Continues…

Since our last posting there has been little progress in the five linked cases. Here are the latest updates:
  1. Cases number 1, 2, and 5 have been completely abandoned by the victims because they have no hope in the U.A.E. judicial system.
  2. Case 3, as mentioned in the last posting, has passed the Supreme Courts where the victimized car seller was told that the criminal courts have no judicial authority over the ownership of the car which was fraudulently bought and sold to the 4x4 Motors showroom, a reputable auto dealer in Dubai.
  3. The criminal courts simply issue judgment on the criminals and put them in prison for up to 1 year. In Case 3, two criminals, Fazel Ebrahim served 1 year in prison and was deported back to Bahrain and Saeb Khazer Saleh was sentenced to 1 month in prison.
  4. Mr. Saeb Khazer Saleh, owner of a car dealership in Sharjah has gone into hiding.
  5. The victim in that case was told by the Attorney General to file a civil suit in order to obtain the car or the money, a process which would cost thousands of dollars and an unknown number of years battling at the courts with unpredictable results.
  6. The victim attempted to contact Mr. Fazel Ebrahim in Bahrain but she received a life threatening call back. She immediately contacted her embassy about it and filed a police report.
  7. Case 4 is even more depressing. In this case the Supreme courts also sentenced the criminal and told the cheated car sellers to file a civil suit and try to get the money from the Saudi criminal, Ali Rabian, or the car from the 4x4 Motors Showroom.
  8. After spending thousands of dollars for court and lawyer’s fees and over a year at the courts, the civil courts decided that the Saudi, Ali Rabian, must pay the cheated car sellers but he refuses to pay stating that he lives in the desert and claims innocence. The courts also stated that the 4x4 Motors can keep the fraudulently transferred car.
  9. The original owners then decided to take the case to the Appeal Courts.
  10. Now, Mr. Ali Rabian’s accomplice happens to be Mr. Saeb Khazer Saleh and has been requested by the appeal judge to appear at the Appeal courts. Unfortunately he will not appear since he is wanted in Case 3.

As you can see, the nightmare is continuing without an end in site. The victims have tried many different routes in order to publicize the fiasco and to seek justice. Below are a few of the offices that they have contacted in the U.A.E.

· Human Rights Department
· Private Office of Sheikh Mohammad
· Ruler’s Court
· Zabeel Palace
· Al Ameen
· Gulf News (newspaper)
· Khaleej Times (newspaper)
· Emirates Today (newspaper)
· 7Days (newspaper)
· Abu Rashid Radio
· Private Office of Sheikh Hamdan
· Radio One Abu Dhabi

But the nightmare continues…


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