Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flow Chart of Auto Crime

The reasons why this kind of crime is so prevalent in Dubai are, at least, the following:

  1. These cars are easily and immediately transferred through the Dubai Traffic Department using fake documents. The final owner then claims legal ownership of the car.
  2. Upon reporting the cases to the police department the cars are not immediately tracked nor placed on a blacklist as expected.
  3. Despite the fact that all the cases are interlinked the prosecution and the courts insist that the cases must be dealt with separately.
  4. Every case is considered a stand alone cheque related case and not part of an organized crime and therefore the original owner must file a civil suit in order to obtain the money or the car. In effect a criminal case is washed by being handed over to the civil courts.
  5. Almost all the victims never file a civil suit because of the high court fees and the lengthy court procedures and therefore drop the issue all together.
  6. The rare occasion when one of the gang members is convicted for such a crime, he serves a nominal time in prison and then freed to continue the crime.
  7. To demonstrate, here is an example of several linked cases.

Case 10