Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Adventures at the Dubai Prosecution Department continued...

So we left off at the second prosecutor stating that ""I have to check with my boss to see if I can look into this case or not." This was his answer after three months of being allocated the task of looking into the case.

Continuing on he was contacted a few days later and he said he now has been given another very very important case to look at and he doesn't have time to look any other case until his VERY important case is finished. That bought him another 3 weeks.

Going back to the adviser to the Attorney General the victim was told that the adviser would meet with the Attorney General about this case again and decide what to do next.

She called him back in a week to find out what happened. Alas! the adviser has left the country for the rest of the month of Ramadhan!!!

It's been exactly six months since this adviser promised to help resolve this case as it was an order from the Sheikh's office. So much for the Sheikh's order...


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