Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Four Months Since the Ruler of Dubai ...

It's been four months since the Attorney General's office received direct orders from the Ruler's court to investigate these linked cases and re-prosecute the criminals and bring justice to the victims. Alas! Still no results! The chief prosecutor has studied the cases again but has shown no interest in pursuing the matter. The cases have been handed over to the first prosecutor who had taken on one of the cases two and a half years ago, however, he is now waiting for the advisor to the Attorney General to return from his month long summer holiday.

Meanwhile, one of the local daily newspapers, Emirates Today, was contacted to report this problem. Upon examining the history of these ongoing criminal activities they claimed that they had never come across such serious criminal activity in Dubai before.

This diagram describes the relation between the Dubai Traffic Department, the criminal gangs, and the used auto dealers. Through extensive investigation by the victims it has been concluded that the DTD is at the core of these fraudulent auto sales transactions. Without the collaboration of various DTD officers the criminal gang members would never be able to pass the fake vehicle documents through the rigorous security checks set up at the Dubai Traffic Department. Once the fake vehicle ownerships are transferred to a real person the car is then presented to a "friendly" used auto dealership who will gladly pay a nominal price for the "laundered" automobile. This entire leg of the criminal activity is never investigated by the police nor the public prosecution. The victims are sent on a goose chase by the judiciary insisting that the whole issue is a cheque case while the criminals laugh their way to the bank. And this is the method used by the three groups to steal millions of Dirhams from ordinary UAE residents every year, rather legally. To date no one has ever been able to retrieve their car nor their money from this system.