Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adventures at the Dubai Prosecution Department

It's been over five months since the Attorney General's office received direct orders from the Ruler's court to investigate these linked cases and re-prosecute the criminals and bring justice to the victims. Alas! Still no results!

Let's look at the events that have occurred at the Prosecution Department in the past five months.

1. The Attorney General's adviser met with one of the victims and promised to help her with the case. He spent an hour apologizing then justifying the fact that for the past two years the previous prosecutors had not prosecuted nor investigated the cases properly.

2. A month later the victim called the adviser to find out if anything had been done. She was told to call in a week as the adviser was busy.

3. The victim decided to meet the adviser in person to find out what had happened since their last meeting. So she did. And the adviser basically repeated what he had said during the last meeting over a month ago. During this second meeting she was told by the adviser that the case will be handed over to the chief prosecutor and he will decide what to do about it.

4. The victim came back a third time a few days later to present more data and information about the cases to the adviser. She was told that the chief prosecutor has reviewed the cases and is not interested in following it up and that he would hand it over to a different prosecutor who seems to be interested.

5. Three months had passed since the first meeting with the adviser. The case was on the second prosecutor's desk waiting for the his return from the summer holidays.

6. Upon his return the victim followed up and was told the second prosecutor has reviewed the case and needs to discuss it with the adviser. And guess where the adviser was?? On HIS summer holiday!

7. Upon the adviser's return the victim followed up again and was told that the second prosecutor is covering for the chief prosecutor. And guess where the chief prosecutor was?? On HIS summer holiday!

8. Upon the chief prosecutor's return the victim followed up yet again and was told that the second prosecutor is sick, and to call back in a few days.

9. So she did and she finally got to speak to the second prosecutor directly. Guess what she was told?? The second prosecutor who was allegedly interested and assigned to the task of investigating the victim's case said, "I have to check with my boss to see if I can look into this case or not." !!!!

to be continued...


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