Friday, April 20, 2007

The Gang Attack and more...

Amazingly enough on the day following the previous post, March 27th, one of the victims was contacted by the Dubai Attorney General's office and was informed that her case is being dealt with as per the request of the Ruler's Court. It seems that the appeal has worked! She was asked to go back to the Prosecution Office and explain the entire event, which she did. Apparently, the other cases are NOT being dealt with directly by the Attorney General.

In Case #4, the Lebanese couple were told by the judge to place an ad in the paper and announce that Saeb Khazar Saleh should appear in court as a witness. Interestingly enough, he is wanted by the case above and that is why he is in hiding. Upon placing the ad in the paper, the next morning the brother of the Lebanese woman found his brand new car vandalized in such a way that the police immediately told the brother that he has an enemy. The lebanese brother told the police about the ad in the paper and the police said that very likely the culprit is a friend of Saeb Khazer Saleh and they are trying to scare the family.

After the ad was placed in the local paper, a court date was set and as expected Saeb did not show up. The judge has set ANOTHER court date and obviously Saeb will not show up and the nightmare will continue for the Lebanese family.

Finaly, an interesting development has occured in regards to the three other cases involving Hadi Omar Saeed. The cases 7, 8 and 9 are the three that are reported in this blog and can be found below. According to the Gulf News Hadi Omar Saeed has been caught. But who will compensate the tens of victims whom he has swindled is unknown. The full story is here.


At 03 July, 2007 08:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry to not comment on the subject, but this is a rather interesting blog.

Can you tell me anything about court cases involving technology, Internet, etc.? Mostly illegal access to information, etc.

At 04 July, 2007 07:33, Blogger Dubai Law Connector said...

Hello anonymous,

Thanks for visiting my weblog. As you can see Dubai is not as glamorous as it's made out to be. Regarding technology, Internet related court cases I haven't come across any such case as of yet. Because of the primitive judicial system the Dubai courts are still bogged down with simple cases and fully challenged by them. The more sophisticated technology cases would completely overwhelm them.

At 16 January, 2008 10:04, Blogger Keefieboy said...

primitive judicial system the Dubai courts are still bogged down with simple cases and fully challenged by them Incredibale isn't it. Dubai is such a go-ahed place, but the one thing you absolutely cannot rely on is the 'judicial' system. Very close friends of mine were involved in legal stuff when I lived there - all were innocent, but wasted serious amounts of time and huge amounts of money in fighting legal cases that should never have gotten anywhere near a court. Justice in Dubai? It sucks.

At 14 July, 2010 05:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are so many crooks in this country and the police are unwilling or unable to deal with them.


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