Monday, March 26, 2007

An Appeal to Sheikh Mohammed

Studying the cases below one will immediately conclude that a mafia is at work in Dubai and 4x4 Motors Showroom seems to be involved. The group uses fake cheques to purchase cars from expats and immediately resells them to either 4x4 Motors or exports them to Russia or Saudi Arabia. There method of operation is defined in the posts below.
After two years of investigation and trials, in a set of five cases three of the mafia members have been sentenced to prison yet the cars have not been returned to their rightful owners.

The three criminals are:

1. Fazel Abbas Ebrahim (Bahraini) (Served 1 year and deported back to Bahrain)
2. Ali Al Rabian (Saudi Arabian) (Served 1 year and held in jail for indefinate period)
3. Saeb Khader Saleh (Iraqi) (on the run)

Mr. Saeb Khader Saleh is wanted by the police to serve 1 month in jail for one of the cases but he has disappeared. He is also wanted by a civil judge to testify in another linked case.

He is the owner of Mona Showroom located in Sharjah, U.A.E.

The owners of the cars have been told numerous times by various people that the only person who can help release the cars from 4x4 Motors showroom is Sheikh Mohammed.

This blog will be sent to him through his website
and hopefully he will respond.


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