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Nineteen Months later and still waiting...

This is the latest update of the cases described below.
The five linked cases had been reported to the Dubai authorities on May 21st, 2005. Three of the five cars have been located. Many of the criminals involved have been found and three have been prosecuted and found guilty. One culprit was sentenced to one year in prison. Another was tried and found guilty. He was sentenced to one month in prison. He then appealed the case but lost. The case is now at the supreme courts.

Ninenteen months have gone by, however, the original owners are still awaiting the release of their cars.


At 05 February, 2007 06:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello there! I came across this site 'coz I was just a victim recently by this HADI OMAR SAEED OMAR cheque fraud. The incident happened last January 29, 2007 t night the transaction occured. Cut to the chase... Is anybody who can give much more informations regarding this person or "mafia". Apparently, the "Dubai Police" is not so helpful and accomodating on my case. They were just pointing fingers as to where I should file my case.

At 05 February, 2007 07:18, Blogger Dubai Law Connector said...

Hello and sorry to hear of another victim. Well, here's what you need to do:
First, don't expect the police, the lawyers, the prosecution, etc... to defend your rights. You are basically on your own. This is the way this country is. You have to fight for your own right.

Second, you need to go to the police or the traffic department with your car's chassis number and DEMAND that they track down your car. They will resist and try to push you away but keep pressing until they tell you who is the current owner. Then you must FORCE the police to impound the car. Again the police will resist but you must push back. HOWEVER, if your car has been exported out of the country then you are in trouble.

Finding HADI OMAR is something that the police could do if they really wanted to or were forced to and the only person who can force them to do that is Mr. Sheikh Mohammad. If you have the time and the stamina to pursue your case you will need get your story heard by the guys that are way up the food chain. Most people can't afford it so they drop their case and that's how these criminals win.

Anyhow, first try to track down your car and impound it then post the details of your case here so that I can compile it with the rest of the cases. If you get this far then i'll give you more advice, hopefully more usefull ones.


At 05 February, 2007 10:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your quick reply. I honestly didn't expect that you'd reply considering that the cases posted here were from 2005. I went to the Rafa Police station this morning and they gave me a letter typed in Arabic which they asked me to submit to the bank in order for the bank to provide the police department Hadi's passport copy. Then they directed us to go to the traffic department which was also located in the same building. Unfortunately, it seemed that they didn't even want to lift a finger at all. They were asking too many formalities when all we ever wanted to ask from them was to simply check from their system if there were any recent transfers made with the chasis number of the car. If there were none, we only wanted to ask them to block future transfers with the details we have given them. I guess they don't understand how valuable time is with this case. We are running after a mafia who are able to work quickly on the transfer of the car with fake documents.

1. Can I go to the RTA without any police report to directly request them to ban the car from being transferred to a new owner?

2. Is there anybody that you could refer me to?

3. How can I have my case echoed to a higher level?

4. For curiousity's sake, whatever happened with your case?

Thank you and I hope to hear from you again!

At 05 February, 2007 14:57, Blogger Dubai Law Connector said...

As I mentioned, they make you do the policework, i.e. obtaining the criminal's passport copy, and they sit back and watch while the criminal walks away with your car. Incidentally, if you go to the Bur Dubai Police Station, you will find tons of copies of his passport. Hadi Omar is well known at that station. There are at least three cases relating to him, that we know of.

You will soon witness more strange behavior at the police station and you will wonder who's side they are on. Regardless, the crutial thing is to track down your car IMMEDIATELY before it is exported.

I don't believe the RTA has the authority to block cars. However, there is an emergency number, 999, I think, which you can dial to report a stolen car and the police must then block the car. The problem is that as soon as you say you sold it, regardless that the buyer has cheated you the police will refuse to block the car and will saying it's a cheque issue.

At that point you will have start yelling and screaming otherwise you will lose your car and you will never get any money anyway. The blocking itself is a lengthy procedure which you will have monitor and make sure the police completes it. So even if they say they will block it, don't take their word for it. Check it independantly.

Before I refer you to anyone, read all the blog entries and comments in this blog carefully. You will find a history of a set of 5 linked cases including a report made on an online crime magazine about them. It will be highly educational. You will learn alot and you will find the answer to your question #4.

Next, you will have to decide whether you are willing to spend months if not years pursuing your case. If yes, then send me your number so that I can advise you verbally and obtain the details of your case for my database.


At 06 February, 2007 12:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've already read all the blogs posted here. But none so far has disheartened me except for the article from the magazine that you told me to read. It sounds like what I have to would likely end up to be a closed and hopeless case after all. I don't know how I could vent out my anger over this frustrating incident. But all I can say is that, I am so freakingly pissed off with their system and their ironic way of protecting each other!!!
How can they do such horrible things to expatriates like us who helped them build their sand castles? I say they're all but sh*theads!!!
At this point, I feel like there's no more use to ask the freaking dudes to block the car and file a case about the bounced check because it will only boil down to nothing, in the same manner that happened with all the other cases.

Well, yes i can still push for them to track the car, but I'm so sure it won't be located because they won't even really look for it. But, is there a possibility that the police could declare a report saying that the car can no longer be located? If i have this report, can I forward it to the insurance company where my car is supposedly covered for theft? Will the insurance company pay off the insured amount? What do you think would it take for them to consider it as theft?

I hate this because I've been dreaming about the car for several nights already, it's haunting me. I even requested help from one local guy who is working with the Police Intelligence. In the beginning, he was willing to help. He said he'll try to trace the owner of the number and research about Hadi. Unfortunately, a few days after I gave hime the full name of Hadi (the fraud), I could no longer contact him. His phone is still ringing, but it seems that he doesn't want to entertain me anymore. I thought maybe because he found a vital information about this guy and would entail him dealing with his co-local "whatever"!
Anyway, sorry, i just had to release my anger and frustration over this matter. There's nobody else i could turn to who can relate with me.
On the brighter side, what do you think we can contribute to our against their system's protectiveness over their people? People who should be given some disciplinary action instead of harnessing them in their nests...
I hope you get what I mean coz I'm not making sense anymore...

At 06 February, 2007 12:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that at Rafaa Police Station, he has 72 unsolved cases of bounced check. To think that these cases are still enough reason for the police to take action. I don't know what they are waiting for... I hope that this information contributes to our knowledge regarding Hadi.

At 06 February, 2007 13:28, Blogger Dubai Law Connector said...

Your insurance company will try its best not to pay you by arguing that the car was not stolen, but it was bought fraudulently. They will argue that you are partly at fault. So I doubt that you’ll get anywhere with them but you can try anyways. If you want to fight to get your car back you must track down the car. If you send me the car details I may be able to track it down through my contacts. Make sure it’s exact.

As you can see from the number cases attached to just this one person, Hadi Omar, the police doesn’t really consider it a crime but ‘business as usual’. This type of crime has been going on in Dubai for years and there will be many more victims like you and I. The criminal business in Dubai can be stopped but it takes an effort at the grassroot level.

If you feel that something should be done then you will have to roll up your sleeves. You have four cases linked to one person and I have five cases linked to one gang. There is enough material for a good article in the Gulf News. This problem has to be publicized through the media. If you have contacts in the media anywhere then you can vent your anger that way. Think of ways to get this story heard by the public. Track down other victims. If enough people talk about it and expose the dark side of Dubai then perhaps the authorities will pay attention.

And the Rafaa station is waiting for more expatriates to arrive so that they can send their Hadi Omar after them to bring more business for the police at the station.

Btw, I met with the director of that station and he said that the only person who can solve this car problem is Sheikh Mohammad himself.

At 15 May, 2010 01:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gone to Jail harresed again!!!!
i went to Jail in Jan for Aed 18000 as criminal case & i thought it was all finished but i got a call few days back from the legal dep (OF THE BANK)asking me to pay AED 18000 again...when i asked him why was i put in jail & spent a month of mental toture & he said thats the rule u either pay or we put a civilian case on you...previous case was criminal case...what i wanna know is it right? was i suppose to get any kind of clearence letter from the court or police after being in jail for 1 mth of HELL.....

At 15 May, 2010 07:59, Blogger Dubai Law Connector said...

Yes the bank or any other lender has the right to file a civil suit against you even after you have done your jail time. In fact they have 10 years to file that suit against you. The one month that you spent in jail does not translate to 18,000 aed. It was just a small punishment for not paying up on time. It doesn't mean you're off the hook. If you wanted to avoid the jail time you should have negotiated a deal with the bank before they filed the criminal suit against you or at least before the final judgement. Basically you're back to square one except that they can't put you in jail anymore but you will not be allowed to leave the UAE until you pay up.

The only solution for irresponsible borrowers like you is to leave the country before the lender files a criminal suit against you but then you would be on the UAE blacklist forever and would be incarcerated if you tried to return.

And now that they have filed the civil suit against you, you will end up paying the 18,000 AED AND all the court fees.

My dear borrower, next time be more careful and pay back like a responsible borrower.


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