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Case 7

Case 7

Original Owner: Suheil Salam (Pakistan)
Police Department Case#: 2005/352 alRafaa
Type of Car: Nissan Maxima 1999
Chassis #:
Caller’s Real Name:???
Introduces himself as Ahmed
Buyer’s Real Name: Hadi Omar Saeed Omar
Introduces himself as Ewaz Abdullah Ali
Cheque amount: 29,000 AED
Date of Cheque: 02/10/2005
Bank: Union National Bank
Owner of Cheque: Hadi Omar Saeed Omar
Transferred at: Carica Showroom
Transferred to: Ewaz Abdullah Ali
Transfer date: 02/10/2005
Exported to: Abu Dhabi

This is the detailed story about the Fraud case that has happened with me while selling my Car on 2nd Oct 2005 night.

Below are the details of this tragic incident:

I gave an Advertisement in the Gulf News on 2nd Oct 05 in Classified to sell my car (Nissan Maxima 3.0GV Model 1999 – Dubai Reg No: B 37549).

I received call on the same day from Mr. Ahmed (He called himself as Ahmed but I did not confirm his identity), saying that he wants to see my car and buy immediately on the same day if he likes it. He also said that he will give me a cheque that I can cash next day morning.

He came and checked my car at around 8:00pm on 2nd Oct and agreed to buy the car for AED: 29000 for Mr. Aouz Abdullah Ali who was also with him.

We went to the shop in Karama and had signed a car sales agreement (Under the supervision of: Carica Cars Showroom car dealer) on Sunday 2nd October 2005 at about 8:30 pm (Car Sales Agreement copy is attached).

Immediately after signing sales agreement, (Mr. Aouz Abdullah Ali) signed the cheque in front of my eyes and gave me a Union National Bank Cheque under account name of Hadi Omar Saeed (cheque is attached with this application), to be cashed next day and then we planned to go togather to transfer the car registration to his name on 3rd Oct 05.

Note that Mr. Aouz wrote Cash in my sales agreement by cheating although he agreed to give a cheque not Cash but as the contract was in Arabic I could not identify this fraud.

NO Cash was given to me at all by Mr. Aouz until now. Also I suspect the car showroom dealer might also be involved in this fraud (I am not 100% sure) as he did not ask me a single question about the deal or mode of payment. He did not even ask me if I have received the payment before signing the agreement.

The car possession was given to Mr. Aouz and Mr. Ahmed at the same time in good condition without any remaining Fines, due to urgent requirements from the buyer as he said that he wanted to show the car to his family on the same day and renovate the car immediately in a workshop.

Initially I refused to accept the cheque and give him my car until transfer of car registration is completed but he kept forcing me to give my car to him and not to worry about the payment as the person buying (Mr. Aouz) also works for police, so I trusted him and gave him my car.

What forced me to Trust Mr. Ahmed was that he had a long beard and appeared to be very religious. He showed to me as if he is a Mandoob for a very rich Local Sheikh Family and who immediately want to buy this car for their Son (21 years old) working in Abu Dhabi Air Force. I trusted him and he cheated me.

Late that night (2nd Oct 2005) Mr. Ahmed called me saying not to cash the Cheque from UNB bank next day as he will bring the cash and we will go to transfer the car registration at Al-Bursha Tasjeel. I kept calling him on 3rd Oct but he did not come at all and on 3rd Oct 2005 night when I called Ahmed, he told me go to UNB Bank, Sheikh Zayed road branch and cash the cheque next day on 4th Oct 2005 morning and then later that day we will transfer car registration.

I went to the UNB Bank on 4th Oct 2005 morning at 9:30am to cash the cheque but it was REJECTED due to no amount in the account (Copy of Cheque and bank memo is attached).

I kept calling Mr. Ahmed on his mobile (050-6919104 and 050-2165012) all the day on 4th Oct 2005 and he kept promising to come to me with cash several times but he never came. Last time I spoke with Mr. Ahmed at his mobile 050-2165012 was on 4th Oct 2005 at around 10:30pm and he promised to come to me within 30 mins with cash but he never came and later on switched OFF his mobile. I have an audio clip that was recorded using my mobile between me and Ahmed on 4th Oct 2005 in which he is saying that he is coming to me after Iftaar with the cash but he never did.

He kept lying to me throughout on 1st Ramadan (i.e., 4th Oct 2005) and kept saying he is brining the cash but he never did.

At this point I strongly suspected that the Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Aouz Abdullah Ali have cheated me and decided to go to the police the very next morning.

I went to Bur Dubai Traffic Police department (in Barsha) on 5th Oct 2005 early morning, who could not help me and suggested me to go to Bur Dubai Police Station (near Trade Center). I immediately went to Bur Dubai Police Station, Crime investigation section and met Mr. Abdullah who did initial investigations and told me that the person has already transferred Car Registration to his name without even telling me!!! He also told me that police is searching for the victim for past few months. He suggested me to go to Al-Rafaa police station Crime Investigation as the incident happened in Karama. I went there but CID could not help me much and suggested to file a complaint in the Cheque Fraud section. Currently I am in the process of collecting necessary documents from Bank and my company to file a Fraud Cheque case at Al-Rafaa Police Station.

I reported this problem to Dubai Police (at Rafaa Police Station) in Oct 2005 hoping that they can help me in this situation and help me either recover my Car in the same condition or the AED: 29000 money from Buyer that he owes me for buying my Car, but no luck so far.

After a couple of months I was called by Dubai Police to see (Mr. Aouz Abdullah Ali) under whose name my car ownership was transferred, I was told to see him behind a window and identify if he is the person who Signed the agreement but I confirmed that it was not him. Mr. Aouz also said that he is not aware or involved in this fraud and never signed any sales agreement with me or gave me any checque. He is a friend of Hadi Omar Saeed (The Fraud), who actually signed the sales agreement and gave me the fake checque, had to give him about 30,000 Dhs, so instead of giving the money Omer gave him my car.

I said to police that if Mr. Aouz did not sign the sales agreement or gave me the cheque then how come he is keeping my car, as the the buyer confirms that he did not sign the sales agreement which makes the sales agreement illegal. Secondly, howcome Hadi had his original driving license of Mr. Aouz while signing the sales agreement with me. This must be their planned act. The police said that they will investigate and will contact me. Since then I have not progress from Police. I can’t believe that such a simple case cannot be resolved by Police! I tried following up with the police few times after that but no luck.

On 8th October I found the following article that was published in local news in “7 Days” on 12th Sept, where it says that Police is hunting a man who allegedly bought 58 second-hand cars with cheques that bounced. Hadi Omar Saeed, 30, has already served six-months in prison for cheque fraud, and was released just two months ago:

I am another victim of the same Criminal Group and looking for Justice. I hope I had read this article before and avoided this fraud.

Best Regards,

Suhail Abdul Salam


At 10 July, 2006 15:23, Blogger secretdubai said...

Hello - great idea for a blog! I have added you to the blogroll at UAE community blog - if you would like a member invitation there, just email me at [my username here] at gmail.

At 10 July, 2006 21:26, Blogger Salam said...

Well done.
Unfotunatly it has become a game for those gangs and all they need to do is cheat someone with a 50,000 dirhams or more and get a jail for 1 year. It is worth it for them to do such a crime.

At 10 July, 2006 21:39, Blogger MD said...

Good idea! Hopefully this sets an example. My friend's car was stolen and then, was found about seven months later, abandoned near Corniche.

At 11 July, 2006 02:38, Blogger Thomas said...

I read an article on 7days (11th July 2006) and found out about this site. Great to see this. Needs more publicity. Wish I was aware of this before. I run into the same situation about 3 years ago. Was contacted after advertising my car. Gang from Al Ain (nationals) test drove my car and said that they would buy it. They insisted in doing the deal in Sharjah (I live in Dubai) at a car dealer. Then they gave me the dud cheques. They tricked me to taking the car and then they kept on giving all excuses to give the car back. A friend I know worked for the bank from where the cheque was issued and he informed me that they did not have the money in the account so the cheque would bounce. After about 2 weeks of chasing after them with no luck, I went to Dubai police to lodge a complaint. They told me then this is a common trick and that there was nothing they could do as all the papers were signed in Sharjah. However, they told me that they can flag the car as stolen (as the car had a Dubai plate). When I contacted the people who took the car and told them what Dubai police was about to do, they immediately returned the car. The car was delivered by a recovery truck. The driver informed me that he was told to pick up in the car in the middle of nowhere in Al Ain, he was not paid and was informed that we would pay him, and the car was in a bad shape. They raced the car, blew out tires and ruined the rims (it was a 2001 BMW M3) and was abused. I could not do anything to go after the people or open a case with the police. Lost around 20,000 in repairing the car before selling it (through a well knows dealer in Dubai). The best advise I can give to all would be NEVER sell a car direct to a person and always go through a WELL knows dealer like House of Cars. They will take their commission on the sale ... but at least you don't get conned!!

At 25 November, 2006 07:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are they not stupid who accept cheque for the deal , where this country is full of strangers and no one is sure how they will it not innocent to accept cheque and later cry.....

At 02 November, 2007 04:41, Anonymous Hydrocodone said...

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At 16 January, 2008 09:50, Blogger Keefieboy said...

Lesson: cheques in the UAE are useless. Do not accept them!

And a question: how come the car ownership was transferred without the real owner's knowledge?


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