Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Due to the fast pace of structural development in Dubai in the recent years other aspects of city development have not been revised to reflect the changes.

One such area of development that has been neglected is the judicial system. With the large number of lucrative opportunities available in Dubai many people including criminals,

are inticed into abusing the lax judicial system. As a result many of the residents have been victims of well organized crime.

The purpose of this weblog is create a forum where this topic can be discussed in addition to the following:

1. to compile similar cases so that victims can compare cases and benefit from each other's knowledge.

2. to bring to the attention of the authorities the significance of organized criminal activity in the U.A.E.

3. to warn newcomers and current residents of the criminal activities in Dubai and the experiences of the victims at the police departments and at the courts.

4. to encourage others that have other experiences with crime and law in the UAE to come forward and share their stories.

5. to provide a support group for people who are unfamiliar with UAE laws and to seek advice from others.

As an example, the number of crimes involving automobiles have increased exponentially in the past year. Below you will find several

reports of such cases together with the details of the case and the result of the follow up in each case.


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